Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Picture Day!

Almost Perfect Pina pressed my patella at precisely 6:50 a.m. this morning - the second day in a row! I did have my alarm set for 7:00 a.m, so that wasn't too bad, and she did go back and lie down peacefully until I was up and ready to take her to the relief area! My sleeping patterns are going to have to change a bit when I get home with this new baby! (David will be pleased - I do tend to stay up too late at night.)
Well, as evidenced by the photos, today was picture day at DogGuide School, with both individual and class photos being taken of the three classes - SSD (Special Skills Dogs), HED (Hearing Ear Dogs), and SRD (Seizure Response Dogs). That took up most of the morning! This afternoon, Tracy, the trainer, visited each of us in our rooms to have the dogs work on a "Fetch" and "Give" exercise in a different, more private, and individualized venue, as well as the bark for "Help" command. We then went back to the classroom to add "Fetch" to the "Tugs" command, so that when Pina opened the fridge door, she also brought me a bottle of water! (Mmmm, I'm just not quite sure if she can work up to my bottle of white wine when we get home!)Following break, the dogs had a "Group Playtime" which was hilarious to watch, and impossible to get photos of! We stopped class early today, and told to take the rest of the day "off" as far as working any more on any skills - we all, dogs and humans alike, have been working very hard, and need a break! This human named Linda definitely needed a break - for some inexplicable reason, I was emotionally distraught this afternoon, and, naturally, Pina fed off of that, and was not nearly as compliant as she has been, and this, naturally, did not help me at all! I put Pina in her kennel in my room, and had a half-hour nap before dinner. This did help, and I am making myself a promise to go to bed early tonight!

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