Saturday, November 7, 2009

A bit of a nothing day - dogwise!

Pictured are the siblings, Pesto and Pina, with their humans, Alex and Linda. Alex is one terrific young man - I have enjoyed his infectious laughter, and his insightful observations, so much. His mom, Chris, is a wonderful "honorary" member of the SSD class!
Because I had special permission to leave Oakville for four hours today (11-3) to attend the Awards Luncheon at the MS Ontario AGM in Toronto, there really isn't much to add today about the ongoing adventure here at Doggie Camp! We had our morning "circle sharing" about how last evening and the night had gone. I brought some "show and tell" items to contribute. I had purchased a cheap but seemingly sturdy rubber doggie toy at Liquidation World yesterday, and Pina (I almost typed "Filey", our Golden Retriever who died in October 2008!)was having a wonderful time playing with it in my room, when I noticed she had managed to bite off a chunk of it! I quickly removed this new toy before she decided to chew and/or accidently swallow and choke on it! The high quality (and more expensive) twisted rope pull that I had purchased at the pet store was definitely the better option (even if she does chew and tear off some of the frayed ends). The trainers have assured me that this is not a problem - just think of it as dental floss! So, "caveat emptor" - you get what you pay for! I also demonstrated the extra Lifeline foam button (which is another way of calling for help besides the necklace which I wear around my neck at home)which I will be training Pina to "Nudge-Alert". While I was in Toronto, the rest of the class went on a city-bus training session (something that I don't need to deal with at this point, thankfully) and they did work on one new skill, "Go Get", involving sending the dog to "retrieve" a person in your home and bringing that person to your side if you needed assistance. David had better beware once Pina and I learn this one!(I'll have to do some remedial work on Monday, I guess!) Tracy (the trainer) left notes on the whiteboard in our classroom about Visitor's Day tomorrow - as long as our dogs are "under control" and do the "sit", "wait", "okay" - then family members can have a short physical interaction with them. The dogs will be out of harness, so that is why it is permissable. Hope I get some visitors!

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  1. Hi Linda,
    I have been enjoying your blogs daily. So interesting. For me, an absorbing read. For you, an incredible learning experience. It sounds like an amazing adventure and a wonderful start with your new friend and helper. David and I look forward to meeting your new and helpful partner.
    Thanks for all these postings.
    Kathy John