Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our day of rest - not!

Well, if I ever figure out how to post a photo and my written blog so that they appear as I intended, you will see how I have artfully arranged Piña's Playtime as a study in black and orange in honour of Hallowe'en! Shortly after the photo was taken, I discovered that the orange ball had been half-eaten! So much for Perfect Piña! Blog readers, take note! I have discovered how to give my dog's name a bit of an "international" flair. She is no longer plain Pina, but Princess Piña Colada (should I decide to go the "Dog Show" route - NOT!)
Today was the first day without any classes (which resume tomorrow), and I think Piña and I both missed the structure to the day. Last night was the first night she had "permission" to sleep outside of her "kennel" in my room, so I gave it a try. She chose to play with the blanket that I had so lovingly placed on the floor for her to sleep on, so I had to remove it before she shredded it. I left the kennel door open, but it is around a corner from where I sleep, so I am not sure if she slept in there the whole night, or not. She did come over to give me a little nudge around 3:30 a.m., but I decided to ignore that it was happening, and she went away!
You no doubt have heard the adage that bad things happen in threes? Thank goodness, all three were minor, and happened this morning, so that I didn't have to have that on my mind the rest of the day! The washer and dryer to which we have access is in a very small room with a door that opens inward and doesn't like to stay open. By the time, my dog, my scooter, me and my rolling laundry basket were in there, the fact that the machines have been stupidly placed so that the doors each open to the centre, made it extremely difficult to switch the load of washing from one to the other. I tried putting my dog in a "Stay" out in the narrow hallway, but that did not work with other people and dogs trying to get through - YIKES!!! By the time I got everything and everybody back to my room, I just wanted to cry! (Bad thing #1) As a result of the laundry fiasco, I was late for lunch, and the last of the pizza was gone! (Bad thing #2). In attempting to placate myself with a cup of coffee,and navigating opening the very inaccessible fridge to get the carton of cream, all the while with a dog attached to my left hand, I ended up spilling cream on my jeans and the scooter (which Piña delighted in licking up). (Bad thing #3)
Thank goodness, things improved in the afternoon. It was Visitor's Day, and David (as in "Whitfield", my husband)came to see me. That, in itself, was emotional! We both have so much to learn and adapt to with the arrival of this "working dog" into our lives! It was so good to see and talk with someone from my real life! After saying a teary good-bye to David, I fed and "busy-busy"-ed Piña, and was about to go up the ramp to supper when I heard a strange sound in my room! The first phone call I had received here!
It was wonderful to have a chat with Lindsay. I had managed to contact Andrew last evening, so now, with my family ties re-connected a bit, I feel re-energized and ready to face Week 2 of Doggie Camp. Good night all!

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