Friday, October 30, 2009

Photo explanation......

Well, I just wish that I were a little more computer-literate! I had captions with these photos in my Picasa file, but I couldn't get them into my blog from that file! Oh well, here goes...........
Top left: Preparing for our first trip outside - in the rain! Top right: Pina's First Playtime. Bottom left: Aren't I cute? Bottom right: Dead dogs? No - practising "Stay"!(Pina is top left in the photo.)
Dog-wise, today was exhausting and eventful, culminating in our first-ever outdoor excursion, and our first real experience with "real" distractions! Oakville is the squirrel-capital of Canada, I'm sure! Pina has developed a "hot spot" on one "cheek" (is that what they are called on dogs?)I had my own little "melt-down" today which I attribute to not sleeping very well last night, getting the distressing news of Madeline's resignation as Client Services Co-ordinator, and the intensity of the responsibility of maintaining the incredible training of this beautiful dog! Hopefully, a good night's sleep tonight will help make tomorrow a better day! (Although, more rain has been forecast!) Pina continues to be the Pee and Poop Queen of our class, but has been a little less compliant when exiting her kennel in allowing me to put on her collar and Halti! I have called her "Filey" by mistake a few times (and she bears no resemblance to a Golden Retriever whatsoever!), as well as "Pino" instead of Pina (perhaps I'm going through withdrawal- I miss my daily glass of Pinot Grigio! There is no alcohol allowed here!). I'm off now with Pina to do the last "Busy-busy" of the day before tucking her (and myself) into bed! Good-night!


  1. Think yourself lucky........I don't even know what Picassa is !!!!!! You've got 'My normal routines have been shattered syndrome'...something which is always calculated to disturb the psyche and of course no alcohol !!!!!!!!! certainly not helping

  2. Pina is beautiful! Keep posting photos!

  3. Knowing you, Linda , this will all be worked out in no time. She is a lovely looking dog and I look forward to meeting her in Chicago in April - if that is still a possibility