Thursday, October 29, 2009

The days are starting to blur...........

I think it might be Thursday still, andI think we discussed grooming this afternoon, and perhaps we did another practice of whispering "help" in order for the dogs to start barking. This time we did it with the entire class (six dogs) at one time - it was quite the symphony of sound!!We also worked on avoiding distractions - strangers offering treats, treats and toys on the floor, or other dogs going by. Lilo continues to be giving Jerry a bit of a rough time, constantly getting up from the "down" position (it turns out that Jerry also has MS)and Zeke has developed diarrhea (I'm sure all readers felt a "need to know"!). Young Alex is such a trooper handling Pesto (my Pina's brother). Alex's mother, Chris, and I "escaped" for a half-hour drive just before supper tonight - the first time I had been outside since arriving on Monday!I just wanted to be able to give more precise instructions on finding the DogGuides facility for any visitors who might come to see me on Visitor's Day!(After all, I did get lost last Monday!) I left Pina in her crate in my room with the lights and radio on -aren't I a caring mother!!!! We're not allowed to take the dogs outside just yet. I think our first excursion out of the building will be tomorrow or Saturday. Good night, dear blog. Tomorrow is likely to be another full and exhausting day!

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